The World Cup, the offside, and our favourite treat: Shopping!

The Summer Sale has officially started. It is Shopping time but…Are you all watching the world cup?

We still have quite a while to go, and we are already seeing which teams are not making it to the next stage, England and Spain among others. In every match, though, there is a repetitive pattern, players who want to score but have been caught in Offside. Just like many girls, I didn’t understand what was the Offside before.

This ingenious way of understanding what an offside will certainly help :)

Just imagine:

– You and your friend are out shopping, you try a few things, decide what you want and make your way to the counter.

– There is a queue so you have to wait. The queue starts to move and soon there is only one person ahead of you, but you see a super cute handbag and go to check it out, leaving your friend in the queue.

– While you are thinking whether to take the handbag, the person ahead of your friend in the queue has finished paying and is about to leave, which would leave your friend right in front of the cashier.

At this point, 2 scenarios are likely:

1) If you manage to pass the handbag to your friend before the person ahead leaves, there is no problem. Life is good!

2) But, if you pass the handbag to your friend after the person ahead has left, the rest of the people in queue could get angry, leaving you to join the queue once again right at the back.

If you make it at Scenario 1, as I said Life is good…you get the handbag!

Easy, right? We apply this concept to football and understand what the Offside is… All in all, due to our love of shopping! :)


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