8 Must have Playsuits you need this Season

8 Must have Playsuits you need this Season!!

10 Wardrobe Essentials

10 Fashionable Wardrobe Essentials !!


The World Cup, the offside, and our favourite treat: Shopping!

The Summer Sale has officially started. It is Shopping time but…Are you all watching the world cup?

We still have quite a while to go, and we are already seeing which teams are not making it to the next stage, England and Spain among others. In every match, though, there is a repetitive pattern, players who want to score but have been caught in Offside. Just like many girls, I didn’t understand what was the Offside before.

This ingenious way of understanding what an offside will certainly help :)

Just imagine:

– You and your friend are out shopping, you try a few things, decide what you want and make your way to the counter.

– There is a queue so you have to wait. The queue starts to move and soon there is only one person ahead of you, but you see a super cute handbag and go to check it out, leaving your friend in the queue.

– While you are thinking whether to take the handbag, the person ahead of your friend in the queue has finished paying and is about to leave, which would leave your friend right in front of the cashier.

At this point, 2 scenarios are likely:

1) If you manage to pass the handbag to your friend before the person ahead leaves, there is no problem. Life is good!

2) But, if you pass the handbag to your friend after the person ahead has left, the rest of the people in queue could get angry, leaving you to join the queue once again right at the back.

If you make it at Scenario 1, as I said Life is good…you get the handbag!

Easy, right? We apply this concept to football and understand what the Offside is… All in all, due to our love of shopping! :)


Espadrilles: The ultimate souvenir for SS14

Trend alert:

Espadrilles: The ultimate souvenir for Spring/Summer

Switching from the autumn wardrobe to the Spring/Summer, this season has something else to offer. It is not astonishing to know that shoes are a woman’s best friend, and as our 60s queen Marilyn Monroe said…

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

While a woman’s passion is in the glory and possession for shoes, a new lead has enter the game called espadrille.

This high end and high street beauty is the latest trend of SS14 and many celebrities have been spotted wearing them. The minimal comfy casual espadrilles have not only impressed the runway but in addition, with its look and versatile characteristic fit in, the high street world too.

We adore how beautiful these jute rope weaved espadrilles become a luxury in style. Comfy, casual, jute slip-ons espadrilles are not only flat but high heeled too. :)

The limitation doesn’t vary for espadrille… Chanel, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Dolce and Gabbana Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs are among the famous designers who have come up with various designs and prints for the espadrille. Floral, colour blocking, white canvas, lace, stripes, sequin, leopard, nautical, tie and dye. The journey has just started.

Hitting every corner and street of London and Europe, Espadrilles adds the brownie point in the SS14 style statement.

A perfect way to welcome summer, for casual day time to night time look, it transforms the whole attire with its minimal glance.

Style tip: team up with roll sleeve boyfriend tee and baggy jeans, add a brown belt to finish the look and let you locks flow in the sky. Hello summer!


Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

With the start of February and the January ‘blues’ now passed…it is now important to focus on what our wardrobes look like for the start of long awaited warm weather!!

The fashion police is excited about the Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Trends, which have already landed in the stores and here are our favourites. From tribal to revival, these are the styles we will be seeing in S/S14.

1. Garden Party:” I like the idea of being in the floral world”
Garden party is a mixture of tropical and floral prints. Skater dresses, shift dresses, jumpsuits, t-shirt dresses and smock dresses are among some of the selected line. Whether it’s a Tea party, brunch or a picnic, garden party is the best friend of girls this season.

2. Lime Mania: Cynosure is the perfect word that comes to my mind. Open your wings and let yourself free in the fashion world. The fun and frolic lime mania is the new twist in S/S14. Style up with a subtle tone and/or accessories to be the fashion icon of lime mania. Midi, shift, crop tops, skirts are in the lime mania game.

3. Pastels Perfection: Elegance is the key to pastel world. Number one favourite of British fashion in all age groups, we adore this hue. Jumper, shift dresses, kimonos, hats, midi skirt and tops are all the embellishment of pastels perfection.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”- Coco Chanel

4. Sporty Luxe: Fashion with sports is the new revival of S/S14 trends. The long baseball number tees and tee shirt shift dresses are reaching every corner of the high street. The sporty oversized knee length dresses are the perfect grunge example of the 90s. Style up with knee length socks, jackets and tribal skull rings with a beanie to finish the look.

5. Monochrome Madness: The classic love of black and white is timeless. Everywhere whether its autumn or spring, we have seen and we will continue to see more and more stunning pieces in high street fashion. Monochromes in prints, color blocking, sheer and laces are the choice this season. The monochrome journey is never ending and it is our celebrity most loved trend of 2013-2014.


Check Mate!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” – Coco Chanel

The Chequered Board of winning and losing is the latest high street trend of Autumn/Winter13. Tartans, stripes, checks, hounds tooth are the real emperors this season. Haute Couture fashion designers Chanel, Alexander Mc Queen, Vivienne Westwood are among the ones defining the blocking beauty time to time.

We all love super model Cara Delevingne, recently spotted chilling in comfy tartans pants for a day out …

Style tip: Avoid combining check and stripes together. Use a subtle colour to balance the whole look, style up with leather jackets, one tone blazers, scarfs, statement rings, bracelets and bands.


Geek Chic

Oversized sunglasses, Boyfriend shirt, Rugged denim and a Satchel bag is the perfect combination of a Geek Chic style.

Sometimes you just want to try something new apart from your dolled up girly image, geek chic is the essence of style, experimentation and fashion. So why waiting, try it on!!

We all love Ashley Benson from “Pretty Little Liars”; she was spotted in a geek chic gangsta look for a dinner date.

Style tip: leave it simple and minimal


Flower Power

With pretty florals, make this summer more fun and colourful…get inspired by the latest trend alert #flowerpower

Style tip: keep simple…team it up with bold statement rings, necklaces and ankle boots
#thowli xoxo

Geometry Wonders

Do shapes and figures remind you of childhood classes? drawing them in those old days…now those beautiful simple shapes of polygon, stripes, circles and squares are the part of the new high street London trend…

Love geometric prints=Love geometry?

Thats How We Like It!! #thowli

Statement Rings

Say NO to the naked hand…wear STATEMENT RINGS!
Big Bold & Beautiful

Like=Statement Rings – Comment=Which 1 is your favourite?

Trend Alert!

Animal prints are back! Leopard, Zebra and Snake prints are the hottest pick of Summer.
Update your wardrobe with the Animal Safari this Season.

Little Black Dress

Forever classic, forever glam!!

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Summer or no summer? Are you prepared?…be a trendsetter and join the Whitemania!

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Daisy Denim

Hello guys!! Daisy is excited about the Denim look. It is simple, fashionable, stylish and very comfortable. Being trendy & effortless, you can wear it anywhere, whether you are hanging out with girlfriends, at a brunch, dinner or a beach party.

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