A Pleasant Surprise!

The day was going very busy as usual and I just sat to have my green tea, thinking about new ideas, and inspiration for the collection of ss14. After juggling in my thoughts and my so called lost world, suddenly, someone told me there is a parcel waiting downstairs for me. I went down to see, surprised, having remembered that I haven’t done any online shopping after the holidays. The moment I saw the parcel, it instantly lifted up my mood. A small gift set from none other than my all time favourite handmade cosmetic brand Lush was waiting for me, what a pleasant surprise! It was a beautiful box covered in a gift wrap and a yellow ribbon was just like icing on a cake! There was a letter inside it, ‘congratulations winning the shinny happy people gift set’. Without looking here and there, I started opening the things inside the box and taking a nice feel by it. It reminded me of my childhood days, how I used to get nicely dressed in my pink frock and just wait for the gifts, especially Barbie dolls, on my birthday’s. Those were the days.

There was a shower gel and soaps inside the box. After getting this amazing gift from Lush, I just couldn’t wait to finish my day and was enthusiastically looking forward for a nice evening pampering session. So yes, I delighted myself with the happy hippy shower gel, a mellow yellow gel gave me an instant boost and the grapefruit inside in it made me feel awake..lol then I cleansed with the body buffering soap, it felt like I am in wonderland. Later I used this amazingly awesome lemon and honey mixed yellow soap. Whatever tiredness I had just literally went away guys. It was so refreshing and fresh. IT WAS A WOW FEELING. I was waiting to have a relaxing evening like this from a long time. It all happens because of LUSH. My heartiest thanks to Elizabeth and the Lush team for making my day and evening so special. I definitely recommend the use of these products for a feeling refreshed pampering session after a hard working day.


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