My Favourite Beauty Products!

After having a choco-licious filled December, It’s time to detox and cleanse the system with fresh beauty. It’s the first weekend after the holidays…feel Wow!! So many new things to add to the to do list this…OMG! Exercise, follow a healthy diet, and be more disciplined are just the start for a healthy 2014. The best is yet to come☺

Yes 2014…We are prepared with our 5 magical best beauty brands for January and our Valentine month February.

Drinking water and following a good healthy diet allows us to discover beauty that glows from the inside, but there are some magical beauty products in the market, which are tried and tested, and can help us retain ourselves fresh, young and beautiful.

1: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex: Presented with the Elle Beauty Awards 2013 and Red Magazine Reader Awards 2013. This is a miracle serum, which I have been constantly using for more than a year, it does have a WOW factor and I am truly in love with this product. It makes your skin look smooth, young, translucent, and radiant. It reduces the appearance of redness, wrinkles and fine lines. Skin looks healthier and fresh in the morning. It’s for all skin types and works for all ethnicities.

2: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: we all need hydration, especially during the winter. With the benefit of avocado oil and apricot kernel oil, it instantly provides moisture and hydration to the facial skin. It definitely does wonders: it tackles oily skin and it instantly lets off all the dryness and tension from your face. Apply it overnight or either apply it on one of your pampering days for 15-20 mins for instant hydration, rinse if off with fresh water. Feel the difference by yourself. A complete yes☺

3: Chanel Perfection Lumière Long Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup: My all time favourite foundation and so far haven’t seen anything that can beat my love for Chanel. As the name suggests, this is a perfect finish matt foundation, it controls every detail of a perfect complexion to offer a tailor made result. Its perfection glows every time, makes the skin looks natural and beautiful. This is the beauty and makeup artists no 1 foundation for all skin types, featuring universal shades. A light texture gives a perfect coverage for all types of imperfections. Works all day long☺ Don’t wait lovelies, go and get a perfect glow.

4. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-dark Circle Eye Roller: the 1st two in one eye roller care for and concealling dark circles. This miracle product not only conceals but also gives a cool and freshness to your eyes. It instantly rolls away dark circles and brighten the skin around your eyes. Its a must have beauty item of 2014. It brightens your eyes…brightens your day☺

5. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal: continuously winning the best hair oil 3 years in a row, this product has all the benefits from strengthening to providing nutrition to the hair. It’s a lightweight product and helps to speed up drying time. Enriched with protein and argan oil, it works well for dry, frizzy, damaged and fine hair. It also helps prevent damage from heat styling and harsh environmental conditions☺


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