L’Occitane – Botanical Paradise

L’Occitane – Botanical Paradise

Rose petal, silky smooth, satin finish, Shea butter fineness, velvet touch, and a radiant texture :). Who doesn’t imagine a dream come true picture perfect skin.??

Well, the story starts here…

I was recently invited in a L’Occitane special brand event. My first impressions, I can proudly say it was one of the best customer service I received. It’s not only the customer service, the people in the store genuinely care and what amazed me is how uniquely L’Occitane have tailored skincare for every individual. While going through their products, chatting with people about the various skincare brands and skin problems, I realised that a race of too many skincare companies has been going on from a long time. Nowadays it literally feels like a “fish market” meeting the beauty industry.

With above everything and clearing the entire chemical aside, the French brand L’Occitane has proven its point with natural beauty products. It’s surprising to see so many natural ingredients magnificently contained in the products. It starts with cherry blossom, pony, lavender, menthe, rose, Shea butter, organic angelica, and verbena. The secret behind L’Occitane natural beauty is the 150 plants used in their formula and each has a specification of illustration and scientific name. Remember the story of Cleopatra and how beautiful she was in those times, when there was no biased-ness towards beauty products. She was completely evolved with natural beauty. And this brand reminds me of her, how one can get a beautiful no chemical originality in the skin. The French brand also did a complete justice to capture the entire segment whether it is hair care, home, skincare, men skincare, and scented candles.

With all my pleasure and constant usage of the product, I found the best 5 magical beauty products of L’Occitane

Divine cream: I have been so far using one of the best night creams and to be honest with you, I see little changes from time to time, but when I came across the divine cream, I felt the difference from day 1. It’s Awarded BEST ANTI-AGEING CREAM

– 2013 Harper’s Bazaar “Beauty Hot 100 list” and like the word says divine. It stands out completely on its word. Its works wonder on to the skin. The best part is, the lack of worries to get any kind of a reaction, it’s totally natural! woahaa :) Not only it smoothens the texture of the skin, it tones, firms and brightens the skin tone. The difference is visible from day 1. I have sincerely loved this product. It comes in a beautiful packaging. It’s like touching a water molecule gel.

My recommendation is 100 percent yes!

Shea butter Hand cream: Velvet is the first word comes to my mind, when I think about this product. An amazing hand cream and a correct value for money. It’s like the “Rolls Royce” of hand creams. It doesn’t only make your hands feel smooth, but also gives a hydration to your hands. Featuring 20 percent Shea butter in it, it works like a magic wand on your skin. Honey and almonds help and heal the dry and dehydrated hands. Whereas vitamin E nourishes the hands with its benefits.

“One cream sold in every 3 seconds” loving it since I tried it.

Repairing shampoo for dry & damaged hair: Busy life, stress, unhealthy eating, chemicals products, and hair styling tools leaves dry and damaged hair :(. The magic comes in a green bottle of purity and naturalness of ‘L’Occitane. The botanical beauty of ‘L’Occitane offers an astonishing repair shampoo , comprises of 5 essentials oils ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, angelica helps repair the hair fibre. The silicon free formula smoothes the hair texture and nourishes it at the same time. The shine gives a smile to your hair!

Almond milk concentrate: Felicitated with 3 entries Rated BEST CELLULITE TREATMENT
– 2014 The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Voted BEST ANTI-AGEING BODY TREATMENT
– Beauty Bible 2011. The almond oil and almond milk based body cream is no 1 in the natural beauty bible. Leaves satin finish smooth skin and ideal for nourishment. The light creamy texture blends well in to the skin and allows it to glow from inside. No greasy residues, no oiliness and not much effort of applying. This flawless cream works well anytime of the season. The aroma leaves you refreshed every time :)

Spicy cinnamon none fragrance: The wonder-ness of this product comes in the beautiful glass gold bottle with a pear pump. This one product is a must have for home. The long lasting aroma of this product is incredible. The freshness of cinnamon and ginger stick reminds you of spa memories. One bottle goes more than 6 months. An ideal present and a just right creation to make your home more appraised. :)

Take your dive and get indulge with the botanical beauty of ‘L’Occitane for a clear radiant silky skin.
Difference visible from day 1 :)


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